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Thinking About Media Coverage and UK Bullion

Tweet The media has been filled with news regarding UK bullion in recent times. The price of gold and silver is setting new records every month. If you want to buy gold, you should now expect to pay over 1,500 dollars an ounce; if you want silver, expect to pay 44.35 US dollars. Even though […]

Why It Pays To Hang On To Gold

Tweet In a Money Week article Why It Pays To Hang On To Gold, first published in the Financial Times, Merryn Somerset Webb writes: …”the current state of our markets tells me one simple thing – that I should hang on to my gold. The price of gold has already fallen 14 per cent since its peak of […]

Gold price back below $900 but some predict a “bumper summer”

Tweet Well, it’s come down with a bump again. Just a few days ago I commented that the spot gold price was back down to $985 an ounce, yesterday it was around $920 to $925.  This morning Money Week reported it had dropped further to $909, and when I looked just now the price of […]

Gold getting closer to $1,000 an ounce

Tweet Quoting Money Week today (i.e. Money Morning): “Spot gold hit a new record high for the fourth day straight today. The yellow metal soared as high as $984.60 in Asian trade, up from $973.30 in New York late on Friday. Silver tracked gold higher to break through the $20 mark for the first time […]

“Gold could hit four figures”

Tweet The market has started to look at gold as money again rather than just a commodity, writes Ed Bugos (Whiskey and Gunpowder) in an article on the Money Week website. He forecasts “a $1,200-1,400 high for gold” in 2008, “that will break the bond market’s back, and make stocks cheap again”. He says he […]

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